Kindness Animal Hospital COVID-19 Protocol

Kindness Animal Hospital is changing the protocol for appointments, patient drop offs, patient pickups and picking up prescription diet foods as follows:

1. Only 1 family member is to accompany the pet into the hospital. That family member must not have had any illness or known fever for the past 14 days. When arriving at the hospital, they are to call the clinic to let us know they are here and wait in their car to be escorted into the clinic by a staff member. The outside door will be locked except when escorting a client and/or pet into or out of the hospital.

2. The client and patient will be escorted directly into an exam room and will not be allowed to congregate in the lobby. We will do all client contact in the examination rooms and all payments will be made while the clients wait in the exam room. The client will then be escorted to the front door once the appointment or patient drop off is finished.

3. When a client arrives to pick up their pet they are to call to let us know they are here and wait in their car until we come to the door to escort them into the hospital. Again, only one family member is allowed in the hospital and must have not been sick or had a known fever in the past 14 days. They will be escorted directly into the exam room. We will do the discharge instructions and payment while they are in the exam room. Once that is done, we will bring the pet into the exam room and they will be escorted out of the hospital.

4. Clients that are coming for either pet food or prescriptions must call ahead so we have it ready. When a client arrives they will call to let us know they are here and are to remain in their car. Payment will be made by credit card over the phone or if paying by check, the client will write the check while in their car and the prescription or food will be brought to them in their car.

5. After each drop off, appointment, or discharge, each exam room is to have the door handles, benches, and tables cleaned with a disinfectant prior to the next use of the room.

6. All new clients must either print the new client form from the website or have us email or fax it to them so they can fill it out and then email or fax it to back to us so we can have them entered into the computer prior to their arrival. Time permitting, we can also take the information over the phone.

7. We will only be taking scheduled appointments and will not accept walk ins. If a client shows up as a walk in, they will need to schedule an appointment when available and come back at that time.

8. This protocol may be changed at any time depending on when and how many local cases of Covid-19 are diagnosed in the immediate area.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause but we feel it is necessary to protect our staff as well as our clients. If one of our staff members was to test positive for Covid-19 it is likely we would have to close for up to 2 weeks.

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